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Creative Writing

             The name of my country is Club Island. It is 300 miles east of Key West in the Bahamas. It is a relatively small island, only about the size of the smallest island of the Bahamas. The people of the island are primitive and are accustomed to living that way. For example on Club Island the people do not have the amenities we have such as cars, computers, brick houses, and decent clothing. We at Club Island have a population problem. The population is growing at a rate much faster rate than any country in the world and this is because of our high crude birthrate. Another problem we are having is that the land we have is very unproductive so are growth is hindered. Still another obstacle in the development of out country is our low literary rate and lack of free public education for school aged children. This is because most of the children in our country have to work in the fields 8 hours a day to help support their family. We also have borrowed so much money from the United States to help our education program that we will never be able to repay the loan. A major problem we are facing is capital flight (the legal or illegal export of a nation's currency and foreign exchange). Currently Club Island is facing a cash shortage, which prevents us from paying back our loan to the U.S. Our government is also having problems, it keeps on changing. These constant changes are slowing down long term planning. We are planning on getting more loans from the U.S. and using it to develop our farmland, get better technology, and setup a free public education system. In trying to help out our country current problems we are going to eliminate the trade barrier to bring more products into the country. We will also support the internal policy reforms to develop freer and more efficient market economies. .

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