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A Talk on Prejudice

            To whom or under what situations would we human beings concern about the word "Prejudice"? Usually, there are only 2 diversities. To one kind of people, prejudice is a word they would put an eye to and is considered to be a problem they have to deal with. To another kind of people, prejudice is just one of the thousands of words in the dictionary in which they might never pay attention to.
             What made the word "Prejudice" arises? Whenever we mentioned about the word prejudice, usually a classification of 2 distinct levels or standards of people are implied. Common prejudices involve races, poor, rich, professions, handicapped, religion believes, homosexuals, unequal between men and women, etc. There are so many kinds of prejudice that we can't mention all here. Prejudice can occur under any circumstances, providing there are people who like judgement and comparison. .
             Prejudice is a premature judgement - a positive or a negative attitude towards a person or group of people which is not based on objective facts. People like to use stereotypes which are oversimplified and over generalized or facts based on emotional experience we had on a similar person or group of people, a sort of our own stereotypes to apply judgement to others. Stereotypes also provide us with role expectation, which means how we expect the other person or group of people to relate to us and to other people. Examples of these stereotypes are: leaders are dominant and arrogant men; housewives are nice but empty headed; teenagers are incompetent in every aspect, etc. Of course, sometimes a leader or housewife or teenager is somewhat like the stereotype but it is a gross injustice to automatically assume what they are.
             Such kind of gross injustice - causing prejudice, can be a hostile, resentful feeling, which is an unfounded dislike for someone, an unfair blaming or degradation of others. We human beings have a peculiar habit.

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