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Old Man

            In The Old Man And The Sea, Santiago exemplified Hemingway's philosophy of "grace under.
             Santiago lived an extremely simple life, he was able to do without the new conveniences others had, and the old man never asked for help; he did fine without the others.
             -On the boat while he is battling the mighty fish, he was able to deal with limited food and drink. .
             -Other fishermen had radios to pass the time while all Santiago had were his thoughts and sometimes the boy. Santiago learned how to make due with the supplies that he had.
             -Although sometimes he wished for some of the convieneces that the other fisherman had, he was able to do without them.
             -He realizes he may be out at sea for a long time, so he rationalizes his supplies.
             -The sail on his boat is torn and tattered, consisting of countless rags stitched together. Mueller 2Although a nicer sail would have been nice he knew that he could get by with the one he has. Santiago displayed a great deal of grace while under the pressure of catching his great adversary. While battling the marlin he always keeps his eye on the goal, and figures out new ways to get through the tight spots. Even when it seem that all hope is lost, he continues to persevere, so he may achieve his goal. When he is out at sea his hand's cramp, and it looks as if he has to give up the fish, but he decides to stick with it in a hope that he may strive through the area of difficulty. His hands finally free up and he continues on his mission, just glad that he did not give up. Sharks attack the marlin on his voyage back to his small town, he works his hardest to keep them away. Santiago finds unique ways to keep them away. He makes a spear out of his knife, a paddle, and some cloth. When that breaks, he then uses the other paddle as a club to beat the sharks away. When food is low, the old man figures out ways to get more without losing his marlin.

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