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Hip Hop Aid

             "Is gangster rap what truly defines hip-hop?" No. "Does gangster involve talent?" I think not. These are the first things that come to mind when you here hip-hop. When the average person thinks of hip-hop music, they think of violent rap that's talking about killing and raping. People don't know that hip-hop wasn't created for the callous purpose in which it is represented in today. Hip-hop is more than just music; it is a culture. This culture has positive as well as negative potential, just as anything else. For the most pare, hip-hop has been seen under a negative perspective. The gap between the hip-hop and civil rights generation has greatly influenced African Americans in politics and economic organization, as well as racial awareness. "The communication gap between the two generations has serious implications on the development of African American political power, economic organization, and overall racial consciousness." (Tyson P.1) The hip-hop culture to this day has not fulfilled the intentional purpose for which it was designed.
             First Tyson contends that the hip-hop culture was an expression of a new generation. "In the late 1970's and early 1980's hip hop became the expression of a new generation squeezed between the fading promises of civil rights era policies and inner city blight spawned by black middle class abandon." (Tyson P.3) Hip-hop has more depth than what it is given credit for. This culture marked an important period in the African American community. This music was the mark of an evolution in the African American culture. Hip-hop was a developed musical expression that was totally out of character of the cultural movements of previous generations. Hip-hop was guiding social, political, and economical philosophy. "Hip hop culture is unique because it is a creation of the first generation of African-Americans to live in what is considered an integrated society." (Tyson P.

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