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             What impact did the Cuban Missile Crisis on your community or family?.
             " On me it didn't really effect me, I was at Ft. Rucker at the time." No people were really afraid. "The media would make it out to be more than it really was. The military knew that they had it pretty much in control.".
             2. Where were you when JFK was assassinated?.
             " I was still stationed in Ft. Fucker, and everything just stopped. It came across as a news announcement. We were programming plans for the future such as tactics, and it came on and everybody was just shocked.".
             3. What do you think were some for Kennedy's popularity and its endurance over the years?.
             He was young, and was a great speaker. He had great speech writers, who wrote for him, but he was a great speaker. " The south didn't take too lightly on him cause of his support of the civil rights movement." "A lot of people could empathize because he wasn't one of the old ones.".
             4. What was your reaction to the reaction of MLK?.
             " I thought oh my God, and that was born out. I grew up with the Jim Crow laws, and segregation was just the way it was. I had a neighbor across the street with a colored husband and wife that acted as caretaker, but they couldn't live in that part of town without a permit. In later years I started to think about what if I couldn't live there. I remember when Truman integrated the army in 48" , but until that time the units would segregated. When the army was integrated I thought that there would be too many problems. In fact there were few problems and everything worked for the best. Then martin Luther King came along and with a cool head protested for his beliefs, and with his manner in doing it he gained a lot of respect by a lot of people.".
             5. What events about the 1960" had the greatest impact on society?.
             "I"d have to say the Vietnam War definitely had a big impact on society. Without getting into the pros and cons of if we should or shouldn't have been there or why or why not.

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