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            "Humans have a natural inclination to continue life (Baird, 98)." Opponents believe that euthanasia acts against nature. Like animals, humans fight for survival. It is our goal to protect ourselves from harm and do whatever possible to stay alive. When euthanasia is implicated, it goes against our concept for survival.
             -In many cases a patient recovers with no explanation. With euthanasia, these miraculous recoveries would not exist because there would be no expectation of them happening. If the patient is put to death then they have lost their right to recovery and life .
             -In the medical profession, doctors are committed to saving lives (Baird, 100). With euthanasia, death is no longer natural; it is a result of a medical decision.
             -The concern about following a patient's request lies on their psychological state. It must be considered whether the patient is feeling depressed and that is why they want to die, or if it is to relieve the pain.
             -People that support euthanasia see that life is there's and theirs only. They.
             might view that suffering people are less than human. Terms like a vegetable.
             is used often. Are they really vegetables then you can tell me what kind? a.
             cucumber? Carrot A human being is always a human no matter what. Support's of.
             euthanasia might think that killing a terminally ill that want's to end this.
             life would benefit the nation by decrease of unnecessary medical cost and etc.
             But if this nation support's these view, then we are a nation with out a heart.
             -that killing is morally worse.
             than letting die. .
             - Dying with dignity means that the patient's intellectual.
             identity is preserved even in the process of dying.

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