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What are the Definitive Features of Analytical Cubist Painti

            What are the definitive features of Analytical Cubism Painting?.
             The cubism movement emerged with the artists Picasso and Braque after the creation of the painting Les demoiselles d'Avignon'. This style was a radical break in western art, challenging the academic painting of the preceding years. .
             Between 1908 and 1912, a style, which is refered to as analytical cubism, occurred. Cubist painters such as Braque and Picasso, the true inventors of this style, started to question perceptual art, and began to focus more on concept. They asked questions about what they saw, what it was and how it was to be interoperated. They broke it down in to pure form-lines, cubes and cylinders. Perhaps, this is even more real than academic art. This can be seen in Braque's work Harbour', completed in 1908. It has been broken down into spheres, cones and cube. It has been painted from various perspectives. Academically painted this would be a landscape scene, but as Braque has painted it, it leaves room for interpretation.
             Analytical cubism can be characterized by the reduction and fragmentation of natural forms into abstract, often geometric structures usually rendered as a set of discrete planes. In keeping with early Cubist works, the facets or fragments each represented a different view. By showing several different sides at once it allows the viewer to see multiple viewpoints within a painting, making the eye dart through planes around the picture, attempting to find images out of the lines and curves. This concept is obvious in the work violin and Pitcher' by Braque, completed in 1910. It shows copious different views of the violin, fragmented and put together at angles, similar to a broken plate. This work is a style where facets flow of logic of their own. The aspect of flattened planes and faceting used in cubist's works rejects the traditional technique of perspective, although there is still a lot of depth within a picture.

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