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Lord Of the Flies

            The main themes in the novel "Lord Of The Flies" by "William Golding" were made interesting through the ideas of civilization versus savagery, the way of human nature, and fear and courage. Golding's style of writing was shown through the use of symbolism. The novel had well-constructed characters which helped us understand theses themes.
             The novel begins with a plane crash. The scene is set with a group of English school boys stranded on an uninhabited deserted island. The setting of the story plays a critical role, in which Golding's island represents the outside world of society. What happens on this island represents the world during the period of World War Two. The island setting means that the boys are removed from adult supervision. Their attempt to establish a civilized democratic system on the island by holding elections and having rules fails, when savagery, fear and power corrupts the islands inhabitants. The failure of society and how evil forces dominate human nature is what Golding explores. Goldings belief that "man produces evil as a bee produces honey" or that "fear is the path towards the dark side", is the main theme that Golding's novel portrays. This main theme and the island setting help create the ideal situation to manifest the actions of society when freed from the jaws of law and justice.
             The island inhabitants split into two groups lead by their leaders. They have different personalities with leadership qualities. Jack Merridew, the leader of the civilized choir, which turns into the hungry hunters, then into the tribe of savages. Jack uses fear and threats to gain control of his followers and in doing so breaks the rules and creates his own dictatorship. Jacks fear of the beast leads their song, in praise of Christ, the Kyrie Elysian to become a savage chant, "kill the beast, cut her throat, spill his blood". Jack's tribe, isolated from the moderating effects of civilized society, become savages.

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