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Managing Money

            Joseph has really got himself into quite a trouble. His situation is quite tough and he really has to think and make the right decisions at this moment so every thing goes right for him.
             First of all his biggest problem is his wife's spending patterns as she has a very open hand and would like to spend more then she and her husband can really earn. This could be the biggest problem that would be prevailing in the head of Joseph all the time. Her wife should know that her husband is quite new at his job and is still trying to work out his best in order to get the sales thing on the track. He is trying to find out his sales territories so that he would not get into the way of the older sales people who are more experienced then him and would help him in his later works. He is having an immense pressure on job and then letting him spend his hard earned money like that would really confuse the person, because he does not want to loose the girl as well as the money. Ellen thinks if she lives a more posh life she would be liked more by her clients and she would get more contracts and she works as the broker with Trout Brothers.
             The other problem that came in front of Joseph was of kickbacks that were going on around in the company he worked in. Carl a sales manager and his three subordinates were found out by Joseph of giving kickbacks to the customers and selling their products. The policy of the company also does not have any harsh restrictions to the kickback policy. There policy only says of giving the right products to the customers. So they do not pay much attention to it. He thinks that the management is also supporting this procedure. So in this situation what he should do is not really get into a lot of trouble by opening up the whole matter, because it would not really do him a lot of good. If he thinks it is unethical then it does not mean that the whole management thinks of it the same way.

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