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How to manage money

             Many young people face the dilemma of learning how to manage their money. Due to this, they often find themselves in debt or unable to support themselves. I have learned a few ways to keep myself from falling into traps that may cause me to be in debt or with no money. I have found that if I create a budget, make a list of my necessities, and set financial goals, I am able to avoid financial snares. .
             One can create a budget is by allowing oneself a certain amount of money a week to spend. One way of doing this is by setting aside a specific amount of money out of your income for spending and save the rest. Specify the amount of money one will need to spend monthly and try not to go over your specified budget. One also should decide how much money one want to spend on certain things. Try to find the best bargains possible. The majority of the time when one shops around, one is able to find things at a lower price rather than jumping at the first chance one gets. If one finds something that one wants and it is expensive, one should wait and save up in order to buy the specific thing. By doing this, one does not have to go into your savings in order to buy something that was not needed immediately. A major factor of sticking by your budget is learning to say no. One should try to avoid places where one may be tempted into overspending. In addition, one should avoid associating with people who like to spend their money without considering the consequences.
             One should also make a list of their necessities. One can do this by deciding what things would be needed and what is not needed. One can do this by deciding what things are necessary. In addition, one would want to decide what things could wait. Sometimes things can be put off until another time. Another major factor is not buying on impulse but one should think before acting. This way one can be sure that they are spending their money wisely.

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