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Picasso and O'Connor

             "A Good Man is Hard to Find-, written by Flannery O'Connor, resembles an intricate painting, a beautiful picture built by many different parts. These parts work together to complete a perfect mental picture for the reader. Plot, point of view and character aspect of the short story weave together to allow the author a chance to portray the ideas created just for that purpose. The short story compares to a work of art. It can be seen many separate ways and with many different points of view. The drab picture pulled together by Flannery O'Connor, creatively exposes the reader to the worst possible situation with the colorful tools of twisting plot, complimenting characters and a thrilling point of view. .
             Weaving the intricate threads of a story together encompasses many aspects and probably most important, plot. Plot allows the reader to experience intensity, excitement and the flow of the story. Flannery O'Connor effectively uses the plot to twist and shape a short story with intense highs and lows. First, the complicating incident allows for some sort of problem in the story to develop. When the grandmother suggests the family change travel plans because of the escape of the Misfit, a cold-blooded killer, the complicating incident evolves with mystery and intense foreshadowing. Flannery O'Connor allows the reader to wonder what the significance of the Misfit will be, creating a complicating incident with ease and no dramatics (O'Connor 359). As the family drives down the interstate, on the way to Florida, the same destination as the Misfit, they take a detour to a plantation the grandmother remembers from her youth (O'Connor 364). In a moment of dire realization, the grandmother scares her cat, which causes the father to lose control of the car and roll it several times rendering the family helpless (O'Connor 364). The reader's heart rate jumps in worry about not so much the family, but more the grandmother.

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