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Lord of the Flies

             In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Jack represents the evil that is inherent in man's heart and the struggle for self-importance. Jack feels gratification when he kills the pigs; he fits the description of an animalistic driven savage and does not care about anything even his own life.
             Jack does not accept authority, in the form of Ralph and the conch on the island. Part of his refusal to acknowledge authoritarian figures is due to his control and conquering of the choirboys. An example of his control over the choirboys is shown when Jack shouts "Choir! Stand still!" and the boys stopped abruptly (Golding 21). Although Jack was not voted chief, he was the most obvious leader on the island. Ralph was the chosen chief, which left Jack in a bitter contradictory mood throughout the novel. Many aspects of Jack's character are portrayed in incidents involving Piggy. Piggy demands that the boys on the island respect and obey the authority imposed by the conch. In situations where Piggy holds the conch to talk, Jack does not show him obedience. In several occurrences Jack is vulgar and lashes out at Piggy because he is not open to the idea of being led by others.
             Jack's involvement in hunting rather than the building of the huts shows his destructive nature. Although the fire is his only means of being rescued, Jack does not concern himself with the responsibility of maintaining it. Throughout the novel Jack's character slowly progresses into a savage killer, seeking only self-gratification. Jack's first kill is described in a rape like sequence. He plans, he stalks, and then he attacks with savage reflex. The paint on Jack's face aids him in making this transition into a savage killer. Jack's loss of morals and socially acceptable behavior is no more apparent when he chants, "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood"(Golding75). When Jack is not shown the appreciation that he feels is deserving to him for killing the pig, he explodes yelling, "I got you meat"(Golding80).

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