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            The tragedy in the play Antigone results from a major struggle between two sides. Creon is extremely stubborn and insists that the law of the state must be obeyed even when it conflicts with the higher moral law of the gods. Immorally, Creon orders that the dead Polynices is to remain unburied for his ungratefulness toward his city. Willing to risk her life in his honor, Antigone secretly buries her brother. A sentry reports to Creon that she disobeyed his orders. Antigone's love and courage toward Polynices causes her to disobey Creon even though she knows that her life is at risk. She is sentenced to live in a cave until she dies. Since she feels that she has received no justice, she hangs herself.
             Creon's pride and inferiority over woman is the cause of this tragedy. He addresses his son with a statement that shows his sexist attitude toward women, " I hold to the law, and will never betray it--least of all for a woman, better be beaten by a man, if need be, then let a woman get the better of us" (ll.575- 578). Even through this inequity, Creon cannot make Antigone bend to his will. Not only was this the cause of her death, but also the deaths of Creon's wife and son. .
             Presently, disputes of various issues continue to appear that relate to this play. An example of the conflict between the law of the land and the moral law is abortion. The law of the land says that it is acceptable to have abortions; however, the moral law shows that it is wrong to kill a living person. The controversy of abortion has brought many people to take either side. Individuals strive to end this immoral act, reflecting Antigone's beliefs and bravery. Antigone said, "That order did not come from God. Justice, that dwells with the gods below, knows no such law. I did not think your edicts strong enough to overrule the unwritten unalterable laws of God and heaven, you being only a man." (ll. 379-382).
             Capital punishment is another conflict that is extremely controversial.

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