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             By definition multiculturalism means "consisting of individuals from various, culturally distinct groups". The key words to keep in mind are various and distinct. We all come from different backgrounds and we are all raised differently. If we were to consider formal equality we have to consider keeping everything at a constant no matter what race, colour, creed, sex, or religion. Formal equality is good when it comes time to buy cigarettes for instance. No one should be judged when going through the process. As long as you meet the requirements you should be able to obtain the cigarettes. The store clerk should be blind to any outside differences and focus on what really matters at that moment, the individuals age. On the other hand formal equality is very bad when it comes to a work environment. Some people may have certain holidays that they cannot work on, or they attend church every Sunday. If a job requires you to be working on a Sunday then the employer must take into consideration the differences of someone with a different religion. Substantive equality takes into consideration these differences. For instance, if that person must keep the Sabbath day holy, then they should receive each and every Sunday off despite any complications the workplace would have. I believe that substantive equality is better than formal equality because it helps the minority group deal with issues that they face much easier. But substantive equality cannot always be good. You must also take into consideration the job or task the individual will be performing. .

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