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Animal Farm Theme

             George Orwell's Animal Farm concerns a fierce revolution that erupts between people and animals on an English farm. Throughout the novel Orwell focuses on the theme of tyranny. Napoleon, the pig who seizes power, Squealer, his partner in crime, and Boxer, a victim of tyranny, are all clear examples of characters that are affected by tyranny. .
             The primary character who is greatly influenced by tyranny is Napoleon. As Napoleon rose to power he began to oppress his fellow animals. Eventually he became the dictator, controlling the lives of his comrades. Napoleon begins to over power and brainwash his own citizens into a life of hard labor and misery. As a result of his tyrannical actions, Napoleon becomes a primary example of a character that embodies the theme of tyranny.
             Another main character that is influenced by tyranny is Squealer. When Napoleon took power on Animal Farm, Squealer became his spokesperson. He listened to everything Napoleon said and somehow managed to convince the animals the Napoleons new rules were for the good of the animals, and not just for the pigs" wealth. Squealer's quick thinking and strong lectures changed the views of most of the animals on the farm, but mainly Boxer and the Sheep. Squealer is another primary example that absolutism has affected many animals on the farm. .
             The last main character that the tyrannical actions of napoleon had affected is Boxer. Boxer's hard work made things easy for the farm, but Squealer convinced Boxer that he should somehow put extra efforts into working so he can rise above the other animals. Boxer soon falls under Napoleons" dictating spells and while he works Boxer keeps thinking to himself, "Napoleon is always right." Boxer soon got overworked and Napoleon used tyrannical actions and told the other animals that they took him to a doctor, but really he was taken to be slaughtered. Boxer was not part of any dictating, but by other people being dictatorial, Boxer was greatly affected.

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