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             Brushing your teeth is a fairly simple task that helps provide the daily nourishment for your teeth to be as healthy as they can be. Dentist visits help, but only you can take care of your teeth on an every day basis. .
             First, take your toothbrush and toothpaste and apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the bristled end of your toothbrush. Make sure to hold your toothbrush upright so that you do not waste any toothpaste. Also pay very close attention to how far down into your bristles the toothpaste is. Do not apply it into the bristles of your toothbrush too deep. This will make it hard for the toothpaste to make it to your teeth where it needs to be.
             Second, run some water on your toothbrush bristles. Do not wet it too much because it dilutes the toothpaste. Then Shake the excess water off of the toothbrush and get ready to start brushing. If you have too much water on the toothpaste you will not be able to correctly finish the process. You should have just enough water on the bristles that they do not irritate your gums.
             Third, place the bristled end with the toothpaste on it into your mouth and begin sliding the bristles across your teeth in a circular motion. Continue doing this for thirty seconds, making sure to let your toothbrush slide across all of your teeth. After you've done this for thirty seconds, rinse your mouth out with cold water and spit it down your drain. Continue "How To Brush Your Teeth" steps one through three as desired.
             You have just completed a task that will add to the life of your teeth. You can indulge in this activity daily, weekly, or monthly whatever you prefer most. You should feel confident that your teeth are as white and clean looking as they possibly can be. .


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