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American Revolution

             In the two decades before the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, I agree how the Americans thought and felt about the British government and their colonial governments. To go back in time and put yourself in the Americans shoes then probably if not most of us would hate the British government. The Americans were tired of putting up with the British and that's pretty much what lead to the American Revolutionary War.
             There were many events that made the Americans feel the way the felt against the British. One being that after the French and Indian War, the British thought the colonists did not provide enough support for them. But the Americans thought the British military tactics were weak and wanted to be led by colonial officers. The British viewed that as a sign of disloyally. In other words the Americans lost respect for the British military. Also the Americans noticed that the British were treating them differently. They were not getting as much respect as they used to get. Finally the British did not share the same values as the Americans. The British were more of a higher class than the Americans and they did not like that.
             The British taxation on the Americans is one of the biggest reasons for the American Revolutionary War. The British were simply in debt because it cost so much to govern and defend their large empire and on top of that the costs went up even more durning the French and Indian War. One way they could pay it off was to tax the Americans on every day goods. Some of the major taxations were the Sugar Act, the Quartering Act, the Stamp Act, and the Townshend Act. The Sugar Act put taxes on sugar, wine, and coffee. The Quartering Act forced colonists to house and provision the British soldiers. The Stamp Act forced colonists to pay a tax on newspaper, legal documents, pamphlets and cards. The Townshend Acts put a tax on glass, tea, and paper.

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