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how human resources work

             Motivation depends on the level that teachers are able to meet the students overall needs. Setting higher standards an expectations for students is one things, persuading students to want to learn is another. Everything that teachers and other peers do in the classroom can have an effect on a child's motivation. It can be both positive and negative.
             For example if a student does well on a test and a teacher encourages them then they are more likely to strive harder on the next test. Likewise if a student does not do as well on a test they do not receive the praise or reassurance they are likely to accept the idea that they can not do well, and thus will not try. A thoughtless remark from a peer can also discourage children in the classroom. Academic achievement is dependent on more than individual abilities and aspirations. The social environment in which learning takes place can enhance or diminish the behaviors that lead to achievement (p. 523) Academic achievement also includes the way information is presented, the kinds of activities that teachers use. The interaction teachers have with their students is also important. .
             Many students establish ideas about their academic ability from the verbal and non verbal cues they receive will in the early grades. So by the time they are in high school they have already decide if they are going to do the work or even attend class. In order to discuss how we should motivate students we must first figure out a few of the problem that we face in the current educational system. .
             Many of the current school policies encourage students to just go through school and graduate. High schoolers often do not form methods to think on their own a and to take an active role in their education,. Thus they are often bored with the material being taught and teachers have difficulties forming new and creative ways to teach material. Many schools allow students the freedom to form their own course work and students just accumulate the credits they need to graduate and often have not taken classes that will help them with their life skills, and in higher education.

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