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The Role of Technology Should Be to Improve Human Life

            Technology seems to be an asset in our modern day life styles. It serves to make our life easier and better by the minute. E-mail, internet, automated machines all seem to serve one purpose to improve human life. .
             Lets take On line banking. Before one would have to go to bank, stand in line, pay service fees etc. But nowadays with on line banking one can just stay in the comfort oh his or her home and pay bills and make other transcations in minutes! Everything with technology makes life soo much easier. Especailly for the 21st century man. The growing population it would take us hours to do anything manually or to wait up in line. Technology however seems to solve this problem. From kitchen appliances to cars to tele med, techinology seems to be ruling our world. .
             There is a drawback to this, as everything seems to come with a price. Technology has created the lazy man and not to mention ways to destroy our planet even more. With people hacking accounts, miss using data and invading others privacy. Extensive use of household appliances and fumes all over the place. Not an effective way of saving the planet is it?.
             In anyway, something or the other is lost to achieve something. In our todays world, we may have the comforts which the stone age people didnt have. But we have the dark smoked up sky they didnt have either. .

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