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Welcoming Globalization

            The lives of people in distant countries are increasingly being linked through commerce, communication technology and culture. It is a phenomenon that we call "Globalization". The increased movement of money, people, products and ideas around the world which affects people across the globe (United Nations Association of the United State OF America: Globalization mini-simulation: background information). Today, globalization leads to acquiring a lot of technology through the trade in developing countries. In addition, it has contributed to improving working conditions in developing countries and spreads information and ideas across the globe, such as democracy and human rights (UNCTD). Therefore, globalization is the main road to lead to dramatic economic growths. .
             First of all, globalization has affected working conditions in developing countries. Broadly defined, working conditions include wages and other key job characteristics including (but not necessarily limited to) health and safety, hours, security, benefits, and representation. On the other hand, globalization may primarily be manifested as an increase in imports and loss of protection, forcing firms to attempt to reduce costs by worsening working conditions (Jayasuria,R., 2008). Another issue associated with globalization is child labor. In some developing countries, children have to work to take care of their family because of the poverty. Nevertheless, according to the data from Cambodia, El Salvador, Honduras, Indonesia, and Madagascar used to analyze the link between globalization and working conditions that shows especially in Cambodia and El Salvador, earnings that are over 50 percent higher than before and increased safety. Above all, in Vietnam, households pulled their children away from work and children started going to school.
             Moreover, globalization has played a role in promoting democracy and human rights in the rest of the world.

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