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Harry potter

             Saving Private Ryan.
             This book is about a group of armies who try to look and save a guy name Ryan, who his other two brothers died at war and the groups mission is to get him and send him home safely.
             June 6, 1944. Military forces converge on the beaches of Normandy for one.
             of the most decisive battles of World War Two. America would call this a victory.
             History would call it D-Day. But for Captain Miller and his squad of young soldiers,.
             the day after the landing on Omaha Beach would change all of there lives. They.
             would get a special order from Washington ordering them to go on a personnel.
             mission to save one life. One soldier lost three of his brothers in combat. One on.
             Omaha Beach, one on Utah Beach, and the other in New Guinea. They realize this is.
             not a simple mission to save a life but a test of their honor and duty. Their sole.
             obsession-and their last hope for redemption.
             Upon arriving at Omaha Beach Captain Miller was faced with many problems. .
             The Germans were awaiting the arrival of the American forces and attacked the ships.
             landing on the beach before the troops were even able to exit the boats. Many of.
             Millers men were lost on the beach along with many men from many other companies. .
             Miller lead his mean along a wall on the beach and over took German forces to escape.
             with most of this troop in tact. What he didn't realize was that on of the men lost on.
             the beach was a Private Ryan. .
             Captain Miller continued to lead his men into enemy territory despite the loss.
             of some of his men. He then reached a friendly base set up. Upon arriving at the base.
             he received orders that his mission would be changing. He was told of the Private.
             Ryan that died at the Omaha beach invasion. He was also told of the other two Ryan.
             boys from Iowa that had already died in the war. He wasn't really sure why he was.
             being told this. Then the worst part came. He was ordered to try to find the one.

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