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Creation vs Evolution

             Was it creation or evolution? That is the question that is more popular today than ever. There are many different theories to the creation of earth and the development of man. The big question is which one was actually true. Scientists will tell you that evolution is how man was created. Creationists or Christians will tell you that creation was how man was created. Which group of people is right?.
             The scientific evidence indicates that life began on Earth several billions of years ago and has continued uninterrupted ever since. Scientists say that life started on Earth in one of two ways: either life originated here on Earth from a single cell that had the ability to duplicate itself or life came to earth as a micro-organism via a comet or meteor. Some people believe that life was intentionally or accidentally brought here from another inhabitable planet by other conscious beings. (lawyernet.com) .
             As the original cells grew and evolved, they came together. These groups evolved into plants and animals. Life on Earth has evolved into numerous independent life forms. The trillions of plants and animals are mutually supporting pieces of the entire Earth's ecological system. Life forms occur as small as a single cell and as large as the entire earth itself. (truth101.org/vs-evolution-2) .
             About 4004 BCE to 10,000 BCE, God created the heavens and the earth, including the land, sea, plants, animals, mountains, rivers, sun, moon stars, etc. All species of plants and animals were created in the beginning; dinosaurs and humans coexisted together on earth. In the "Garden of Eden", God created the first person, Adam, out of mud. From Adam's rib, he formed Eve, with the intent that both would live forever and remain in an intimate relationship with God. ("The Holy Bible", Genesis).
             When Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the wrong fruit, death, decay and degeneration entered the world for the first time.

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