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Adolf Hitler

            Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th,1889 in Braunau-a-Inn,.
             Austria; a town near the Austria-German border. He was.
             the third child born to Alois and Klara. They had lost two other children in infancy. Adolf Hitler grew up with a poor record at school and left before completing his education, with an ambition to become an artist. Alois Hitler had died when Adolf was thirteen and Klara brought up Adolf and his sister Paula on her own.Klara Hitler died from cancer when Adolf was nineteen and from then onwards he had no relatives willing or able to help support him. In 1909, he moved to Vienna in the hope of somehow earning a living. Within a year he was living in homeless shelters and eating at charity soup-kitchens. He had declined to take regular employment and only took occasional jobs. He sold some of his paintings or advertising posters whenever he could to make a little money. In 1913, Adolf Hitler moved to Munich, Germany and joined the national army where he worked his way up from the bottom of the ladder to dictator over a lengthy amount of time. In World War I, Adolf Hitler was shot in the arm and wounded, and ordered home. When Hitler was sent home, he realized that he wanted to become a high ranking official and run the government. Hitler began to write down all his idea's in a book he would later call "Mein Kampf". This book would hold all the ideas he wanted for Germany and it spoke about the total domination he wanted for the German people. Anything and everything Hitler wanted to do with the government was in this book. .
             At nearly the same time that Hitler was taking over Germany, Franklin D. Roosevelt was pushing his New Deal plan in the United States. The United States was in the worst depression it had ever seen and Hitler knew this. The Great Depression effected more than just the U.S., it disrupted trade and the economies of nearly every country in Europe.

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