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Culture disagrement

             The film "lone Star" takes place in Texas, in a town called River Fort. In this town there are a mixture of cultures and co-cultures that are shown throughout the entire movie. Three of the major cultures and co-cultures are the Americans (Anglos), Mexicans, and the Blacks. These three cultures seem to live in an uncertainty accepting culture where they tolerate ambiguity and have mixed races and cultures, yet they somewhat lean to an uncertainty rejecting culture because they separate into sections of the town, and also don't tolerate some differences. Never the less in order to survive they create a need for inclusion, but because of their differences in background they have disagreements on certain things that influence some of the characters behaviors. Some of the things they disagree on are what is being taught at school, whether Mexicans are the majority, and also the disagreement if mixed cultures.
             The disagreement on what is being taught at school is between the Americans and the Mexicans. It starts because both feel that the other side is not telling the truth, and when arguing they both talk in defensiveness to protect and support their ideas. The Americans argue because they have won the wars and feel that they should get all the glory and honor. They also want to make sure the next generation knows that that is exactly how it happened. Mexicans on the other hand feel that they deserve some of the glory and recognition also, because they too fought for the land. Not all, however, agree with what is being said. One of the American females feels that there is already enough .
             ignorance that the kids are forced to face, so there is no need to have teachers tell them that one side is better then the other, but rather that we should see from cultural relativism perceptive. .
             Another disagreement is the question who is the majority in the town? This disagreement is between the Blacks, Americans, and the Mexicans.

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