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british imperialism/india

             Since the colonization of India by the British, India has prospered in many ways. Because of imperialism the British were successful in building schools, factories, means of transportation, and establishing a strong government. Imperialism in India gave no room for conflict. Many Indians did not approve of the damages that the British were causing India such as the destruction of industry and lack of Indian responsibility for their government.
             The British established a very effective government in India. "Englishmen given people of India the greatest human blessing - peace" states one Indian, Romesh Dutt. The court system was fair and had passed several, very wise laws. British imperialism made it illegal to own a slave and took immediate action to stop infanticide. Many Indians believe that the British rule was unfair. "Natives .are deliberately kept out of the social institutions- comments Dadabhai Naoroji in his speech on the effect of imperialism on India. The natives wanted more say in government issues and the responsibility that came with it. Many also believe that Europeans were the cause of the destruction of industry which led to unemployment and low standard of living.
             British imperialism was also responsible for the modernization of India. Means of communication were established throughout India, along with improved irrigation, sanitation, transport systems, cultivation and industrialization. Europeans built 40,000 miles of railway, 70,000 miles of paved roads and helped irrigate 30 millions acres of land. Their factories and companies provided jobs for those in need, and introduced new skills and business techniques. Jawaharlal Nehru believes that "many crafts were broken up," such as shipbuilding and metal work. Indians pointed out that although the British were creating industries, they were taking all profits back to Europe, leaving India without much of an income.
             Under the British rule schools were built and India was introduced to modern sciences and the English language.

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