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Imperialism in Africa and India

            From 1750-1914 western civilizations conquered the world by implementing their culture and routines upon smaller and weaker nations. Countries like Africa, and India, were severely impacted both positively and negatively from the imperialism by the west. In both nations wars and violence had arose but new technologies that were imported by the west helped the civilizations prosper. However Africa and India responded very contrarily to the way the west enforced their economic, social and political systems. .
             During the time period from 1870 to 1890 a very vital event occurred that is known as the "Scramble for Africa." European powers attempted to obtain as much of African terrain as they could. Many powerful men signed treaties with native chiefs that permitted them personal control over the African land. They oppressed the Africans that were living in the Congo River valley for their labor. The people were dramatically over taxed and abused. These actions greatly benefited the European economy but gave nothing but poverty to the Africans. In 1884 the German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck prearranged the Berlin Conference in order to divide Africa in a civilized manner between the countries of Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, and Italy. .
             Some positive effects of western imperialism were the new advancements such as medicine that was brought to Africa. This increased the life expectancy and developed an increase in population. Transportation and communication systems were also brought and introduced to Africa. Some of which include railroads and telegraphs. Some African children received proper education that granted them good job opportunities in the future. The negative effects were extremely unsatisfying to the Africans. During the Berlin conference, the legislatures gave no understanding into what different tribes, people and cultures they were interfering with. This caused many conflicts between different types of people in Africa.

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