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College Frustrations

            Nothing is more frustrating to a college student than being dead broke. Tests, past due homework, and pop quizzes don't even compare to being a dead broke college student. Being broke is like having a car with out any gas. Your clothes become tattered and shrunken, your food stores are barren and dust laden, and your stomach growls every so often to remind you of what you already know. The worst thing about being a dead broke college student is that every semester the cycle starts over again; more books to buy and tuition to pay. There are many things that cause college students frustration, but money seems to be the main source of the problems. The paradox of college is that you are attending in order to further your education so you can get a higher paying job that will alleviate your financial woes. Some students have to work at a job while attending college in order to live. These people most likely have the worst trouble with money. Sure they do have a little cash in their pockets, but they don't have as much time to put towards their studies. Without extra time to study, their grades might suffer, adding to their pile of frustrations. A last thing to consider of the monetary frustrations of a college student is the lack of funding for fun. With all the pressures and responsibilities bestowed upon college students, they need time to relax and get their mind on something different for a short while. This allows their brains to recuperate from the tedious hours upon hours of studying they have been doing. With out funding for your extracurricular activities, your frustrations will just continue to pile up. In a perfect world, college students would have enough money for the basics, and a little extra for relaxation. It's not though, so students must put up with the frustrations and hope it will be over soon.

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