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College essay

            An individual's journey through life is molded through the relationships shared with other individuals. Parent to child, teacher to student, and friend to friend are among the numerous relationships a person is involved with. My journey is full of these relationships. And I believe, without them, I would not be the person I am today. .
             My relationship with my parents is very passionate. Their outlook on life is to aid their family in not only providing the necessities of life but other items may it be materialistic or altruistic in order to keep our family happy. With this, I hold a great deal of respect and pride for my parents. Their hard work in bringing opportunities for our family is priceless. From the small poverty stricken towns they grew up in back in the Philippines to the opportunistic country of the United States, they truly have come a long way. My goal to become a doctor and follow in their footsteps is my way of saying thank you and showing them that the time they spent in trying to nurture me and guide me towards the right path has paid off. So when they need my aid, my hand will always be willing to help.
             Until this year, I have spent 11 years of going to school. Each year I had a different teacher who would apply what he/she has learned in their education process and pass it on to his/her students. My teachers were not only instructors, but also like a parent away from home. They, like my parents, pushed me to pursue the right path and becoming filled with knowledge so I will be able to use it in the future as a tool to becoming whatever I want to be. Though at times, teachers seem to push one to far, or burden an individual with a daunting task which seems nearly impossible, all the things that a teacher does is only to help an individual. A college education will be my way of saying thanks to not only to my high school teachers, who are my last instructors preparing me for college, but also to my Kindergarten and first grade teachers who played a vital role in my early education.

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