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American Sponsered Terrorism

            Americans Yell terrorism as soon as someone places an attack on them, but what about the people they attack over. OIL prices, its this and much more that causes me to hate the american government as much as i do!.
             If you think about it since americas first apperance on the map they've been war mongers. Loving wars and blood shed they chase down the Osama Bin Laden, and attack him for his "Acts Of terrorism" But how are the american Seals teams any diffrent, and why is it the americans are aloud to possess weapons of mass desctruction??? They're more vilonte then most nations. They attack for fabricated reasons, your current war on Iraq is nothing more then a war over Oil prices, bush wants them down so he bullys the Iraqis, Basicly stating that if you don't obey me and lower the oil prices i'll attack and take over, i'm the big wolf and you know that i have the troops technoligy and weapons to whipe your littile country off the map.
             For the most part Canadians have had them selves stuck to the americans as puppets. I figure that it was out of nothing more than fear. Think about this for a second if the canadians cause the americans to become angery they'll attack us just like they did all the other countries they're raped and pillaged over the years. .
             So what as a whole are we to do.
             I say we do what osama bin ladien did, fight terriorism with terrorism, and Burn the American flag.

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