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Fallen Angels

            In "The Things They Carried" by Tim O"Brien, the most important character is a Lieutenant Jimmy Cross. Throughout the story Lieutenant Cross deals with many different problems mentally and physically that hinders him to do his job as a leader. He also talks about a girl back home, whose name is Martha, which he is in love with. Although Lieutenant Cross deals with many different problems, the biggest problem he deals with is his inability to focus on the task at hand which is the war.
             The greatest problem he deals with in the story is his own mind. Throughout the story Lt. Cross talks about Martha and how much he loves her. He uses Martha through the story to quit thinking about what is going on in front of him. He uses Martha as his scapegoat from reality until it finally caused the death of someone in his platoon. .
             One of these times he is crawling in a fox hole where he begins to think about Martha, and he is supposed to be worry about finding one of the soldiers and what was happening to them. While he was down in the hole, Ted Lavender was shot in the back of the head coming back from using the bathroom. Lt. Cross was devastated. He blamed it on himself because he was thinking about Martha and not his soldiers. He was always day dreaming about the times him and Martha spent together. .
             Finally the death of Lavender was also the death of Martha. He was really upset with the fact that he loved her so much but she did not love him. He also blames her for what happened. He still loved her but hated her as well. He knew he had to put her out of his mind. One way to do it would be getting rid of the pebble she sent him. Also if he did not change how he was leading the platoon they would not make it out alive. He did not want any more blood on his hands that could be prevented. .
             The death changed his whole out look on the war. It was like he was a different person. He did not care anymore if his soldiers loved him or liked him, but they would be ready for anything that happened.

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