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             Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen has a constant theme of distinguishing the difference between positive and negative pride. Although it is at times hard to differentiate between positive and negative pride in the book, it is most blatantly displayed in the contrast of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bennet. Mr. Darcy represents the positive side of pride, while Mr. Bennet represents the negative side of pride. By contrasting just these two characters Auesten's theme becomes blatantly apparent. .
             Mr. Darcy displays the positive side of pride by taking responsibility for his sister, himself, his estate, and family name. Darcy does whatever he needs to do to assure their safety and happiness. Mr. Darcy, the leading male character in the novel. He possesses an ancient family name, glorious estate, and sizable fortune, which contribute to his pride but not making him snobbish. Later on in the book, we learn that he is a generous master to his servants and tenants and a loving brother to his young sister Georgiana who he deeply cares for. Although seen as proud in a negative way, Charlotte Lucas defends Darcy by saying that a man of his wealth and family background has a right to be proud. Darcy represents a collection of attributes manifested into one very distinct characteristic, pride. .
             Darcy's relationship with his sister, Georgiana describes a lot about his personality. As the estate holder Darcy holds sole responsibility and guardianship of his sister. He feels it necessary to watch over her and protect her from things she may be too naive to be aware of. In the scene when Wickham deceives Georgiana and attempts to take her, Darcy stops him immediately when he realizes what is going on. This shows how much Darcy cares for not only his sister but also her well being and happiness. In turn he buys her a piano so that she might be able to play more often. Darcy is proud of the things, which he takes responsibility for and therefore he takes those responsibilities with the utmost seriousness.

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