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global warming effects

            The planet earth is composed of many substances that create its composition, but the biggest factor is that of water. Seventy one percent of the earth is composed of water and is a major factor in the survival of many life forms who reside on the planet. The earth's water source is in unvarying change due to climate, cloud formations, precipitation, the roles of the oceans and the sun, as well as a variation of gases. It was not until in research came into play on the subject of water levels were also in fluctuation and on the rise due to the process of global warming. Global warming has become a widely researched topic, as well as a top priority to environmentalists and lawmakers due to its effect on the rising sea level.
             The earths geologic history details why sea level changes have continually changed due to the eustatic process and the and the isostatic process. The eustatic process cause the changes in the ocean basins and the absolute amount of water they contain. This process occurs due to the changing climate and the oceans reaction to the changes. The ocean then begins to proportion the water according to whether it is in the liquid or ice stage. The isostatic process changes the topography on the ocean floors on a variety of scales. The topography of the ocean floor changes shape with the moving of the earths crust, the slow moving motions of the deltas across continental margins, and while the sea floor is spreading globally. While these the changes are occurring on such a vast scale the landscape of the basins grows upward and outward causing the ocean water to move towards and impact with the continental landscape.
             Global warming also causes the sea level to change as a result of oxygen levels in the earth's atmosphere. The rapid rate that that fresh marine deposits are decaying, also known as oxidation, removes a large amount of oxygen. With a continual amount of oxygen leaving the earth's atmosphere it eventually punctures the atmosphere or creates global warming.

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