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Are sports good for students?

             Sports teams in high school were created to give kids a healthy, fun and exciting hobby. American's have laws, laws against killing, laws against stealing, it's expected that as a member of American society you will live by these laws. The movie, Varsity Blues, shows the way of life for high school football players. In this movie, the towns star quarterback after the starting quarterback suffers a bad knee injury causing him to drop out of football. This movie showed how athletics and athletes have become the center of everyone's life and how athletes can sometimes become higher than the law. .
             Many high school sports have a great influence on the future of students, whether they will or where they go to college. This influence may seem good at the time but later turns into a bad influence, which could end in the student dropping out of school. In recent years, the amount of violence in sports and involvement of parents has helped to put to much stress and pressure on the athletes. When children reach the age where they decide they want to get involved in sports it starts out pure. The child plays the game because of how much fun they have playing it. Children have no pressure to make the team or to win every game; they play to have fun not to win. However, as the child grows and continues to play sports, parents take the fun out of the game with their constant criticism of their child's team and performance. .
             The two main reasons a child plays sports are to have fun and spend time with their friends. Most kids would also rather participate on a losing team than sit on the bench of a losing one. Pressure from parents and siblings cause kids to overexert themselves and injure themselves because of their parents wanting to win more than their kids. Out of all sports injuries seen each year thirty-three percent of these injuries occur in children aged five to fourteen. Four million children seek emergency room treatment for sports injuries and eight million seek treatment from family physicians each year.

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