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lord of the flies

             Ralph and Jack are the two main characters in the novel. Throughout the novel, they both struggle for power, and share very different views. Ralph, is democratic, civilized, and wants to get rescued, via his fire. Jack wants to roam free and hunt pigs, and have a good time. It is not said who is better, or which tribe is better, but they are both stubborn, and do not want to listen to each other's reason. However, in the end, Jack is the more dominant one, killing Piggy, and capturing Samneric, and finally, going after Ralph, like an animal. .
             Ralph's character plays a major part in the plot of "Lord of the Flies". Ralph is the first character that is introduced in the novel and at first he seems to be very relaxed about the situation of being in unknown territory. The plot begins when Ralph and Piggy, discover each other and eventually decide through Piggy's constant persistence to blow through a conch shell to see if there are any other people around. It turns out that there are many other boys stranded on the island and they begin to form a small community, which is controlled by Ralph, whom the boys pick as the leader. Throughout the novel, Ralph tries to keep the boys in order and to maintain a civilized society by showing constant faith that if they work together and plan ahead, they will be rescued. He does this by encouraging them to keep a fire burning, which represents the order, and civilization which that they have built. However, Ralph finds it difficult to maintain this order, as the story progresses. He loses his senses on page 156, when he doesn't know why he hasn't joined Jacks tribe " Ralph was puzzled by the shutter that flickered in his brain. There was something he wanted to say; the shutter had come down". .
             From the first mention of Jack, it is known that he is the aggressive, and controlling type. As leader of the choir, and Ralph's main rival for leadership, he sets himself up as a not caring boy.

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