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revolutionary war

            Throughout the Revolutionary War American Colonist was fighting for many different causes, probably the most obvious was freedom form Great Britain. While the white colonists were fighting for their freedom, blacks were fighting twice as hard for their own. According to the authors Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, and Prince Hall the American Colonist were no the only ones discriminated against in the late 1700s; African Americans were being discriminated as well.
             In the writing done by Thomas Paine he stresses the fact that it is unjust to live under the kings rule, so far away from the motherland. "A common murderer, a highwayman, or a housebreaker" stated Paine, trying to give his readers a look in on how the king treated his people(Paine 171). During the movie the Patriot it was stated that the Dragoons killed over 200 Colonialists soldiers that were trying to surrender in an open field. The Dragoons are supposable the most elite of the kings forces, if the king can't control them how is he fit to run an entire country 25,000 miles away.
             Patrick Henry's Speech in the Virginia Convention gave the American Colonists hope. "Has Great Britain and enemy in this quarter of the world, to call for this accumulation of navies and armies? No Sir, she has none"(Henry 174). Patrick Henry is trying to motivate the Colonists to fight against the British. During the move Patriot people gathered to vote on weather to go to war or not. Once the legislation passed people celebrated tried to get as many people to sign up for the service as they could.
             Prince Hall also voices his opinion about the war but he was fighting for freedom in a different way. "Violation of the laws of Nature and of Nation and in defiance of all the tender feelings of humanity, brought hither to be like Beasts of Burden" this quote was taken from Petition to the Massachusetts General Assembly, this is different than all the other selections because Hall is not talking about the British in the writing.

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