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A day in the life of

             The thick, aroma of roasted coffee tickled the tip of my nose just seconds before the old, faithful alarm blared a distorted buzz through its tiny top speaker. Wiping away the grit of last night's sleep, the bright white sunlight blinded me momentarily as I slung my arm along the top of the alarm, searching for the snooze button. I think to myself oh great Its Monday.
             While stretching my hands and feet out my eyes opened after several watery blinks. I crawled out of the comforter swinging my legs over the side of the bed. The chilled wood floor sent chills shooting from my ankles to the nape of my neck when my feet hit the floor. Grabbing my pink, terri-cloth robe I tied it tightly at my waist like arms of a child seeking hugs, and headed downstairs to battle the morning.
             Once downstairs I hear the harmonious sounds of my pet canary as he sings his morning praises. If only I could be so cheery in the mornings. I sip my cup of coffee for a quick caffeine rush and find my way to the shower.
             On my way to work, cars flying by as if they are ready for take off, I notice the time has gotten away from me and that I should be following suit. I make it to work with five minutes to spare. Thoughts racing through my mind about the day's workload, will the meetings go smoothly, and will I make it through the day stress free. My office sits just as I left it piles of paperwork hoard my desktop. There are messages after messages on my phone waiting to be heard. I have 45 minutes to get everything situated before the halls start to fill with loud students dreading to start the day. .
             Times goes by fast and the bell is just as annoying as my alarm clock. Students start to fill the office with their late bodies to receive tardy slips to get into their class. The sounds of voices scream out immature statements from the north end of the hall. One would not believe that these students are in high school. .
             Peace and quiet once again fill the air, as all the students are in class.

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