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Of mice and men

             In Of Mice and Men, there were many characters, but the character I've decided to write about is Lennie Small. I feel that the book wouldn't have even been a book without Lennie's character contributing to the storyline. Lennie is a big, nice guy. He means well, he's not always aware of what he's doing or how he's doing it.
             Lennie is mentally challenged and he can't really think for himself. He often times depends on George to help him get through tough situations. For example, when the two of them first arrived in the bunk house, everyone was asking their names and Lennie let George introduce him and say about him instead of doing it himself. Sometimes though being quiet kept him out of fights, but it also made him more vulnerable to being picked on. Like when Curley came in looking for a fight he cose the one that would be least liking to fight back, so he thought.
             That leads me to the point of Lennie's strength. Lennie has an enormous amount of strength. There was good and bad that came from Lennie's strength. The good was that he was very helpful around ranches and farms because he could lift very heavy items, that most people couldn" t lift. Some of the bad things that happened because of Lennie's strength was that he often killed little creatures like mice and puppies accidentally, because suden movements that they did would cause Lennie to get scared and jerk them around. Lennie also has a reaction to anger. When he feels and sees anger around him he tries to use physical strength to make it go away. For example, when Curley was about to hit him, he grabbed Curley's hand and squeezed and squeezed until it was almost completely broken. Also when Curley's wife was mad at him for grabbing her hair, he grabbed her mouth to keep her from screaming and wouldn't let go, because her anger caused him to want to stop it. He ended up breaking her neck. So that's the negetive of his super-strength.

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