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Great gatsby qoute

            " No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store in his ghostly heart forever.
             Even though tough situations come and fake people pester us, they do not alter our true memories. The memories we store in heart are the pure images that we acquire from our strange conditions we run into in our hectic everyday lives. The words in this quote are immense at expressing the point.
             When bad times come they often come in bulk. Making things seem unbearable, as unbearable as standing right beside a smoldering hot fire. Even though rough circumstances seem intolerable, they still are too weak to impede out most the genuine feelings and important memories we build up in our life times. We seem to reminisce on the superior moments. Those moments that make us so pleased or emotional to make us to fall to our knees in tears of joy. Sometimes we are forced in to those corrupt predicaments, however in the finish we can only recall the sweetness that results from us making the best choice to get us out of that state. .
             Next the words in this quote are too powerful to be left unanalyzed. From the start of it his words are strong. "No amount of fire" alone makes the quote irresistible. The fire indicates unbearable pain and freshness represents the crudeness of people just being their unpolished selves. Challenge is a word meaning fight or trying truly hard. "His ghostly heart" means his transparent most vulnerable place. So no matter how much pain this person has to fight through it will never change the perception of his pure unchangeable most useful organ. .
             In conclusion situations happen to us every minute and some turn out the wrong way. We cannot let situations alter the image of the engaging and beautiful things that surround us in life. Our memories are childlike and uncontaminated. This quote shows a very prevailing way of putting a simple statement. We cannot let the bad cancel out the good we have in us.

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