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Miseducation of Latinos

             Up until recent years, a good education was the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket. The formula of years engulfed in institutionalized instruction used to be an essential certainty illustrating that success in high school meant a chance to attend college, translating into a good profession and guaranteed prosperity for the individual, not to mention a lasting security for his family. The trouble with education today is, however, the bias subjugation to which specific groups are victims. One particular group that is subject to miseducation is the Latino community, resulting in not being educated, rather just instructed.
             The problem with the miseducation of the Latino is not the that he or she is educated in the Anglo-Saxon literary lines, which are available to him or her, but rather outside of the social environment from whence he or she derives. The education of the Latino is kept within his economic status; left to dwell forever in the culture shock that derives from the differences among his community and the mainstream of America. Latinos have the language barrier, which is often mocked because of the heavy ethnic accent that is characteristic of a foreigner. This is a marker by which a partiality is built on leaving him or her to have limits that are to be met but never exceeded.
             In the "Rise of English" by Terry Eagleton one can clear see why English is a taught subject in schools from grades K-12 becomes an impeccable fact on why Latinos are educated to fail. English Literature is taught in school's as an act of imposing supremacy throughout the world and more specifically the United States of America. It is suppose to teach the reader that only what they read is to be considered artistic and worth reading for a scholarly mind. All outside of English Literature is good only for menial trivia but not to be considered worthy of a highly cultured civilization or conversation.

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