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             In today's world, there are many social issues, like poverty, prostitution and drugs. However, prejudice has become the most startling one. Prejudging people based on a person's first appearance is practiced very often by mankind. People are not only ridiculed for their colour, but also by their sex, age, religion and/or class, thus making classism, sexism and ageism the greatest problem in out society today.
             Prejudice is a premature judgment, a positive or negative attitude towards a person or group of people. Based on beliefs and not facts, it can affect a person's emotions and behavior, often leading to discrimination. Prejudice beliefs are usually based on stereotypes and overall impressions, believing all members of a particular group are the same. It is believed that people are not born prejudice, but are usually formed against groups a person has never had contact with. They learn these prejudice views but listening to people the look up to, usually their elders. The media/entertainment create many prejudice views in children due to how a certain program projects women or a minority group. A study in England shows that 64% of the population can name a minority group that they feel less positive about. The three main prejudice views are Classism, Sexism and Ageism.
             Ageism very often goes unnoticed in the society. Many people think ageism is not a serious problem but everyday people are being harassed for being "too old" or "too young." Saying "teenagers are music crazed, car fanatics" is an example of ageism. If an adult brings this statement up in a conversation with a teenager, he/she will probably agree with you because they don't know any better. Statements like this don't offend younger citizens due to the lack of knowledge. Older citizens on the other hand, have many problems dealing with their age. As people get old, others begin to treat that person as if they cannot achieve or overcome any task.

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