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College Testing

             Why do colleges have to give students tests? I just don't understand why a student has to sit in class and take notes and listen to lecture, then come back to class and take a written test on the things that were taught. I know that it is due to the fact that there are a lot of students that don't pay attention in class. This however does not justify tests, nor mid-terms or even finals. A lot of students that are very good students end up getting a bad grade in their classes because they can not preform well on tests. They do a great job taking and comprehending their notes, but then they have to take a test and that causes them to fail. It is because some people just don't perform well under organized pressure. .
             I think that finals are a key example of organized pressure. A student spend a whole semester going to class and taking notes and doing homework and what ever else is asked of him/her and hen at the end of the semester they are called upon to remember everything that they learned that entire semester, and sit down to a timed test and try to recall ever bit of it. Sometimes a professor will even throw in a few questions that do not even relate to the course or any of the material that he/she had went over. I just feel that a professor should consider maybe looking a students notebook and see if that student has taken good notes and also look at that students homework to determine his/her grade. I just don't think that it is fair to a student that tries really hard to fail a class just because the student could not pass a final exam that was the deciding factor of pass or fail. .
             To take my beliefs into an example. My economics class two tests and a final. If a student is trying to do well enough to be able to transfer those credits to another school, that student has to get a C or better in the class. With two tests and a final, that student takes a chance to were if he messes up on one of those tests and does not preform very well on that test then that student has a good chance to not be able to use that class as a transfer class.

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