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The Treatment of a Simple Publ

             How do you want to be remembered? Or for those of you who, like me, don't think that far ahead, how do you want to be known, today, tomorrow, or next week? For those of you who dream; for those of you who strive for something better, or to be someone better; you all share a common trait with each other. After all, I believe all of you are here for that very reason today, furthering your education by gaining knowledge and wisdom. You might be asking yourself exactly what I am talking about? I am talking about having the courage of your convictions. In other words, standing up for what you believe. .
             What are your beliefs worth, to you? How important are the values no one knows you have? After all, you will most likely be remembered by your strongest words and boldest deeds. And for those of you whose strongest word starts with an "F" and ends with a "K," you may just FLUNK the course called "Life." Seriously, I"m not talking about the difference between Polo and Nautica, or something as insignificant as that. Rather, I am looking at the big issues, such as life and death, right and wrong, good v. evil, justice and injustice. Issues here are worth taking a stand for, worth sacrificing your life for. .
             Let me ask you this, a question you have probably heard, but honestly, where would you be today, if no one debated their beliefs, or ideals? What if no one stood in the public arena and asserted their beliefs, informed us as to the logic or reasoning for these beliefs? Nearly every instance of revolution or reformation in history involves someone taking a stand. You should all be aware of these historical figures, informed as to their courage and the reasons for it: people like Martin Luther whose stand paved the way for Western Civilization or Martin Luther King Jr. whose courageous stand opened doors of opportunities for Blacks that had been closed centuries. I could go on and on, and I"m sure you could, too.

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