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             The media that I used for my sculpture is clay. The reason that I used it is because I used it in High School before, and I enjoyed using it. I like using clay because I can transform a plain old block into a beautiful object. On top of the clay I used acrylic paints. This was the first time I've ever used self-hardening clay, and acrylics on top of it. It was a little frightening to use the paints on the clay since I've never used self-hardening clay, and I wasn't sure how long I had to wait for it to dry.
             The object that I chose to create out of clay is a Buddha. Buddhism is a religion of personal salvation, which offers escape from the endless cycle of rebirth and suffering. In China, there is no central organization for Buddhism, but there is a general agreed body of scriptures in print (with some variations). There are several strands within Buddhism in China, and they have often competed with one another, and put emphasis on different religious practices or parts of the textual tradition. The Buddha denotes one who has achieved complete enlightenment and who represents the highest level of existence. He is portrayed with a number of distinguishing features. He is generally depicted wearing priestly robes, which cover his left arm and shoulder and are partly draped over his right. He is portrayed standing or seated. The Buddha is a perfect teacher who shows an unmistakable path, which he has already walked correctly through his own effort. Buddha statues and other Buddhist art serve an important role in conveying teachings, particularly in traditional societies with low rates of literacy. Classic postures are associated with particular lessons and/or moments in the Buddha's life. .
             The Buddha that I have created represents knowledge. He helps people throughout the world get smarter. He is sitting in the position of "royal ease", this position is something that gives people who have the Buddha a higher power of learning, which gives them the ability to learn, quickly, in a relaxed atmosphere.

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