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Computer's, How safe is yours?

             The term "hacker" was given first in the nineteen sixties to describe college students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The students were given this title because of their obsession with computers. "Hacker" was a label of pride to these students. These first hackers did things such as probe systems to find out how they worked and how to make it give out secrets just as hackers do today. They believed computer time and software should be free and freely shared and resented those who protected ownership. A surprising aspect of hackers is that they actually had rules of their own, what they could and could not do to computer files. These rules said no one was to erase, damage, or change anyone's files. One last rule that they had was no using any one system for personal gain. Surprisingly, most of the hackers followed these guidelines. Now over the years, "hacker" is a label stating competence and knowledge to meaning someone who breaks into computers. With this information, we now have the knowledge that hackers are older and do not have ethics and morals as they used to. The old hacker rules are not followed any longer. The FBI has made its own definition of a typical hacker: 1. Eighteen to thirty-five years old. 2. Usually male. 3. Bright and highly motivated. 4. The first workers on the job in the morning. 5. The most trusted employees on the job. The meaning of hacker is one who accesses a computer, which is not supposed to be able to be accessed to the public.
             There is the curious hacker, the thrill seeker, and the person who wants information about computers and their flaws, the power seeker, the vandal, the person who steals industrial information, secrets and/or intellectual property, the person who steals money, the person who performs industrial espionage, the terrorist, and the international spy. Whatever they are, reason might be they all serve as a threat to everybody.

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