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Uniforms or no Uniforms

             Many schools in various areas in the U. have altered there dress code to make all students wear uniforms. Such an idea has been introduced here at Moon Valley. There are many arguments against uniforms. I think that the school atmosphere would be better with such a dress code.
             Students have stated they would skip school, work long hours, or even participate in illegal activities just to have fashionable clothes. If uniforms were a rule, it would cut down on the "need" for high school students to have the latest style in clothing. It also would keep students out of trouble. In a study that was done by Pamela Y. Hoffler-Riddick and Cathy J. Lassiter, "the number of students missing school due to suspensions for disruption, insubordination, disrespect, and fighting was reduced by more than 30 percent, from the previous year." School uniforms would increase academic performance. Many higher academic schools in other countries, such as Japan, as well as our own, wear uniforms. School uniforms can produce a espirit de corps among students. Clothing can provide hints to the status of persons or groups as well as being a reflection of morals. If all the students are dressed in the same sort of way there is no grounds for prejudice. Over all uniforms provide a better school environment.
             The biggest argument of the opposition is the fact that uniforms take away ones right to self expression. I say that there are many other ways to express ones self other than your pants and shirt. One can express themselves with a pair of socks, their hair, jewelry, and make-up. Those are three good, constructive ways that are tolerable to most people. So instead of a student saying, "DIE" on it, or another offensive slur, you will have the same shirt on as everyone else. .
             The reasons I have presented are more than satisfactory. They should help you understand why uniforms are a good thing for everyone and are so important.

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