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             The perception of what is right and what is lawful is portrayed differently through each individual. The reason that laws work so well in our society is because the majority makes the laws based on their morals and values. This was not the case in "Antigone", by Sophocles, due to the fact that it was written in a time when a king made the laws and everyone abided. In this story, Creon, King of Thebes, sentenced Antigone to death for giving her brother, known to Creon as a traitor, a proper burial after he forbid it. Both characters showed they are very stubborn, yet Creon is narrow-minded, while Antigone fearless.
             The stubbornness alone that these two characters show is what leads to the fatal ending. The three deaths at the end could have been prevented had Antigone not been so stubborn about burying her brother. "If that is what you think, I should not want you, even if you asked to come, You have made your choice, you can be what you want to be."(876). Antigone turns against Ismene once she realizes her sister wont help with the burial. She has good reason to want her sister to help with a proper burial, but it is irrational to give your life for someone who already passed away. It was stubborn of Antigone to keep on with her plans after this confrontation, yet Creons acts are just as stubborn. He will not listen to anyone.
             The two main examples of Creon being narrow-minded are during his conversations with Haimon and Teiresias. Haimon, Creons son, comes to him shortly after the Kings final judgment of Antigone had been announced. Haimon is sincere throughout their conversation considering his wife had been sentenced to death, and told his father how his people were reacting to the news. "She covered up her brothers body. Is that indecent?" "She kept him from dogs and vultures. Is this a crime?" This is the way they talk out in the city. You must believe me-(890) The fact that the public is questioning the Creons decision must worry him, yet he does not listen to his son.

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