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What Person Do You Look Up To and Why?

             Strong, intelligent, and hardworking, these are the key descriptions of my inspiration, my mother. This is the person that I have always been able to trust or was there when I needed no matter the situation. She has always and always will be my inspiration. She has been the one teaching me to succeed and I could only, if I desired it. Although, when my mother was my age, school for her was not really an option. She had many other priorities at my age, since she was the second oldest of eight she had to be the one taking care of the younger ones. You can say she was a second mother to them and still to this present day. However, there are days when we do not get along well. For instance, one night my eye became really irritated and began to swell. I finally flushed it out with water and put eyedrops. The next morning there was no improvement, I asked if I could stay home and my mother refused and sent me to school. I do understand why she would, but then again I could have stayed home and rested. The reason why I decided to write about my mother to you is because she has definitely had her rough spots in her life , and no matter what hit her she shakes it off and keeps her head up high. She is a very strong, intelligent and a hardworking woman; and I do see all these descriptions every day these past seventeen years. With these descriptions she constantly reminds me to appreciate what I have that others may not have. For example, my mother says that when she was young she never had many of the things that I have today. To me, she is the most important person in my life. .

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