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Adolph Hitler and His Rise

            Adolf Hitler's Nazi party utilized coercive and oppressive tactics to realize power .
             and establish a totalitarian regime in Germany. His use of propaganda to create a shroud .
             of insecurity around the Social Democratic government of the 1920s allowed the National .
             Socialist German Workers" (Nazi) Party (N.S.D.A.P.) to gain a foothold as a political .
             party. Hitler's uncanny ability as an orator and the presence of the his milita, the .
             Sturmabteilung (S.A.) oppressed and confronted the N.S.D.A.P.'s enemies. Through the .
             presentation of military might at rallies, Hitler quashed those in opposition either .
             physically or with the threat of violence. The power Hitler ultimately used against the .
             German people was because of the Enabling Act which granted him supremacy over the .
             established constitution. The passage of the Act led to a one party system in which the .
             Nazi party legally became a totalitarian regime. The Act also paved the way for Hitler's .
             secret police the Schutzstoffel (S.S.) to be formed. Under the command of Henrich .
             Himmler all political opponents, real or imagined were promptly arrested and held .
             without trial. Prison camps were created to hold the ever increasing numbers of prisoners. .
             Hitler realized power through the use of propaganda. Before he was named the .
             leader of the Nazi party, Hitler was in charge of propaganda. Alan Bullock believes that .
             "Hitler's genius as a politician lay in his unequalled grasp of what could be done by .
             propaganda, and his flair for seeing how to do it." In the early years, Hitler sought the .
             support of the bulk of the populous, the lower and middle classes. He preached .
             about the importance of evenly dividing the wealth and he cited the Treaty of Versailles .
             as the cause for their plight. Hitler, an excellent orator, drew large, paying crowds to the .
             N.S.D.A.P. rallies to hear him speak. He possessed an uncanny ability to read his .
             audience and to evoke emotion from the German public.

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