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Televison Violence

            Television Violence and the Effect on Children.
             Children today are more wild then ever. Fifty years ago you would not see a child talk back to there parents, use violence to get what they want, or curse at other children. We also are having more gang violence, school shootings, and over all more juvenile violence then we have had in past years. Does Violence on television promote actual violence? Studies have proven that violence on television is a main cause of actual violence. It is up to the media, parents, and the government to help combat this problem. .
             There have been numerous studies discussing the effects of television violence on children. In the 1970's, programs for younger women such as "The Bionic Woman," "Charlie's Angles," and "Wonder Woman" where used so that the younger girls would have a role model. A psychologist at the Aggression Research Group at the University of Michigan found that young girls who often watched shows featuring aggressive heroines in the 1970's have grown up being more aggressive. The older girls get into more confrontations, shoving matches, chokings, and knifings then girls that watched little or none of the programs (APA HelpCenter). As you can see the problem goes back even into the 1970's. Ever since then the violence has been on a rise. When asked "Do you think violence on television promotes actual violence?" Phil Mayer responds "yes, because it desensitizes people, it portrays violence as an acceptable solution to resolving .
             problems, which it is clearly not." A study done by George Gerbner states that one hour of primetime television contains five violent acts per hour. Morning cartoons on the other hand contain twenty violent acts per hour. Before a child reaches his or her teenage years the child watches over 20,000 murders and over 80,000 assaults (UVM.edu). Another study by Dr. Dale Kunkel states that an average of 6,000 violent interactions happen in a single week of programming (TV Violence).

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