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Creation VS Evolution

            The topic of this paper is the controversy between creation and evolution. Ever since Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution, debates have been taken all over the world. Many Christians believe the theory of evolution is just a theory and it shouldn't concern them. "But the term theory, at least as it applies to experimental science, has a much nobler meaning than that. Since many Christians have concluded that evolution is incompatible with the Biblical account of creation, we would do well to investigate if evolution is a fact or a theory -- or perhaps neither." I myself, as a Christian, believe that creation and evolution run parallel and that they don't contrast at all. One of the topics most talked about when debating creation and evolution is the beginning of mankind and the earth itself.
             Genesis In Relation To Evolution.
             In Genesis, Moses (being inspired by God) writes of how the world was created in 6 days and on the 7th God rested. He also talks about God creating man in his own image and from the dust of the earth. Evolution occurs in this because our bodies go back into the earth after we die. I believe that God created the universe and everything in it and then let evolution take over. If evolution started the earth, how did gravity come to be? The bible explains everything it needs too. God split up the people with language differences at the tower of Babel, and it leaves it at that. Evolution would argue that people created languages for other reasons. In my lifetime, no language has ever been created. Sometimes I think God's just playing games with us humans to have some humor up in heaven. .
             Another debated topic is the start of the world and universe. The bible doesn't talk a whole lot about the universe, and it just says that God created the heavens and the earth. This runs parallel with even the big bang theory. God could have created the earth through the big bang.

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